Choreographed-Designed-Directed by Viktor De La Fuente

Performer: Mia Aust + Nicole Casado + Olivia Jewel Carter + Christian Drugan + Viktor De La Fuente + Aubrhe Yruretagoyena 

Sound and Visual Design: Justin Morrison

Music By: Not Waving, Nils Frahn Handel / Franco Fagioli,  Gudrun Gut, The Men

With support of SDSU and Make It! Performance Concert 2018

Fabula is a theatrical dance piece that was conceptualized through a series of  illustrations.

It first premiered at the San Diego State University Studio Theater in October 2018.

I wanted to make a piece that blended my interests in dance, theater, fashion, costume design, video installation, movement and story. I wanted it to be electric by the images it presented with incredible texture and color. I wanted the piece to be spectacular.  

I wanted to construct a world of dream and symbol.  I believed that the visuals for the piece would present themselves through a continuous  drawing practice. My drawings often play with surreal landscapes and unbelievable situations, fantasy, contorted bodies, incredible movements, impossible architecture and dreams. 

 To find the choreographic movement for the piece I  believed that a way to achieve this was to have improvisational dance sessions by myself; to find movement qualities and gestural significance which I then situated into phrases and scores learned and explored by each of the performers and me.