Choreographed-Designed-Directed by Viktor De La Fuente

Performer: Mia Aust + Nicole Casado + Olivia Jewel Carter + Christian Drugan + Viktor De La Fuente + Aubrhe Yruretagoyena 

Sound and Visual Design: Justin Morrison

Music By: Not Waving, Nils Frahn Handel / Franco Fagioli,  Gudrun Gut, The Men

With support of SDSU and Make It! Performance Concert 2018


I knew I wanted a tunnel. I wanted to make a cylindrical  structure where the spectator could see beyond the stage into a dark mysterious infinite opening and dancers could enter it and play with disappearance, scale and movement. In the end because of lack of time and money our visual designer found clever ways to make a tunnel with a projected image alongside other looks that distinguished each section of the piece.

Knowing early on that I was going to use a projector as a source for light, texture, contrast and landscape, the circular screen in center upstage was used as a kind of mirror revealing and highlighting the performers during the piece. I wanted the dancers and the projections to look like one image (the duet in silhouette with the bright red sun, the operetta with the bright wire moon). With a bit more time this would have been more successful, yet we projections proved to be simple enough to not distract from what the performers were doing. I wanted the projections to be a source of magic, an oculus that let you see the particular ingredients that made Fabula.

The silver shoe animation was fun to create. I made this before knowing that it would be part of the piece. As I came closer to complete the costumes for each of the characters, the shoes became part of the Nana Doll. The doll begins the piece as it walks in an isolated desert being snatched by the Ombra enchantress into the world of Fabula. The Nana Doll later appears wearing the shoes as a symbol of her captivity like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.