It all started when I was not taken to art class as a kid

I wanted to take a summer that would let allow me to paint pictures. My parents didn’t want to pay for it so they bought me a coloring book instead. Thats when I knew I had to find the way on my own. 
I like to make art with the materials that I can find and the technology that is available to me. My work has been mainly performance and dance/theater but has also included painting, video installation and acting. I don’t make money off my work, unfortunately. I need patrons to support a studio space and head-space to make art and performance work. Since my work is time-based, it is also hard to put a price-tag on it. 
I like writing and writing plays. I have written numerous incomplete plays in the last two years and the list continues to grow. Completing one would be nice. Actualizing one in a theater, even better.
I have a 30 thousand dollar debt of an art degree from UCSD Visual Arts. That is proof enough that I love art, but art doesn’t love me back.  I do not recommend Art School to anybody.
I am a proficient video editor and became even better during quarantine. Video production is my side gig and I am available for commissioned work for short edits, trailers and after effects.

 I make art wherever I have a chance to stay in for a period longer that 3 days. It takes me 3 days to enter into that zone.
I am available for residencies. I like to be invited to make work and commissioned is even better. That has yet to happen here in San Diego CA.

I am grateful for the people who I have had a chance to work with and who have supported me in my projects and artistic pursuits. I continue to learn from you.