Victor is a performance and visual artist, actor and playwright, currently focused in combining analog and digital art forms to create theatrical plays and films, fueled by dance, costume-making, and performance art for the stage or online platforms. Victor holds a BA in Visual Arts from University of California San Diego where he began to explore media and video installation work with dance. He is a resident artist at Space 4 Art in San Diego and co-producer and editor of Space 4 Art TV: art educational videos from artists to young adults. Victor is passionate about creating art events and exhibitions that are binational, diverse and accessible to the general public. Victor is the Director of La RaRa Noche, a performance art event bringing many artists from San Diego and Tijuana together to share new works in performance, dance, and music. Victor prepares for Season 3 of RaRa to be shown through live-stream platforms and feature international artists. 

Victor is a Teaching Artist at San Diego Media Arts Center.

Recently Viktor has collaborated in works by Pavel Zustiak, Leslie Seiters, Justin Morrison and Jenni Hong.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from the University of California San Diego.

Viktor currently resides in Space 4 Art, an art center that hosts different artists in the San Diego community.