Unremarkable is a an ongoing shapeshifting research project that continues to become. something else.  This time it took the form of a talk show where people were interviewed to discuss the uprise of the COVID 19 Pandemic.  In the meantime, our guests were entertained ( and sanitized) with socially distanced impromptu acts and drag numbers.

As our entire world begins to face the rage and terror of COVID19 also known as the CORONA Virus, the artists at Space 4 Art decide to move forward in solidarity with the plan to open their studios to the anxiety-driven public. With sanitizers in hand, air masks, clorox, and keeping our social distancing with our risk-taking friends who decide to show their support, me and my ever so talented and artistic collaborators Laura Zablit, Aubrhe Yruretagoyena and Justin Morrison strike back with an extravaganza like none we have done before. A public broadcast of sorts with musical acts, drag, interviews, and important news to keep things up beat, queer, moving and spirited.

hosted by: Laura Zablit, Auhbre Yruretagoyena and Justin MorrisonĀ