Chicanadas (2017) was a two channel video installation project done and completed during my final quarter at UCSD. Each channel presents a different persona that evoke different embodied cultural repressions and expectations inspired by quotidian life living the border. 

A “chicanada” is a term used primarily in regions of Baja California along the border (Mexicali and Tijuana). Mexicali also commonly  referred to as “Chicali” by the locals make and/or identify chicanadas everyday and are most often proud of them. 

A chicanada is a quick fix, a means to an end, a cheap solution to things that need to be repaired in our quotidian lives. More often than not, it is an opportunity to be creative, inventive, innovative with the materials that are at hand because life is too expensive in “Chicali” to be getting your car fixed at the dealership.

Videography by Cristina Saucedo.