Costume Design and Making

In- person free after-school course offered to teenagers ages 15-19 at the Athenaeum Music and Arts Center in Barrio Logan. The class will function like a laboratory where students will begin to develop their designer instincts guided through a number of hands-on costume research projects that will enable them to experiment and  work with different tools, materials, techniques and costume inspirations. 

COVID -19 safety guidelines followed during class. 

This course began on April 5, 2021 and it will be ongoing until the early Fall. 

To enroll please contact me here or email :

Class 1

Sketching Practice: Using a Croqui

Costume Designer Intro: Eiko Ishioka

Project 1: Unconventional costume: neutral tone party supplies ( make 5 samples of material transformations 

using the Richard Serra verb-list. Present 2 samples for discussion with class. 

Sketching Practice: BAUHAUS ballet: Design for this world

Costume Designer Intro: Leigh Bowery

Technique Practice: Quilted Rose patch using sewing machine

Continue Project 1: add color pigment to costumes

Announcement: bring a pair of old shoes or boots for transformation

Theme  for class: The Tableau vivant ” the living picture” 

Goal: Take a closer look at detail and accessory to tell a story

Sketching Technique:  World-making sketch: The Quarry Brothers 

Sewing Technique: Continue and finish Rose quilted patch.

-Continue unconvential material costume project.

Goal: Learn and practice taking good measurements

All materials that used for each project  will be provided by the Athenaeum Music and Art Center. For certain 

projects I will be asking for particular items that you will need to bring from home. 

Project 1: Unconventional Materials Costume: Party Supplies

Project 2: Make a Tableau Vivant 

Project 3: Make a pair of gloves

Project 4: Transforms a pair of old shoes

Project 5: Design and make Hallows Eve costume

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